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Useful Facts!
David Renham Feb 2006
   I have uncovered some statistics that will give you more chance of finding that winning bet, or more importantly avoiding a losing one...

Using a Simple Odds Line ?an experiment -
David Renham Feb 2006
   A week in my punting life ?This was the first week of using my new method for producing an odds line, AND it changed my approach to betting forever.

Making a profit from rating horses
Paul Dyson May 2004
   What makes Good Ratings?

Is there any value in backing “the obvious?in handicaps? -
David Renham Jan 2006
   For this piece of research , I have chosen an unusual path for me, which is trying to find “the obvious??and is there money to be made from doing so...

Backing Previous Course Winners - does it make any difference? -
David Renham Aug 2005
   Do previous course winners actually offer more of an edge than horses that are not course winners?
Going back to my roots! -
David Renham Aug 2005
   A few seasons ago draw bias was a very fashionable tool in helping punters narrow down races, and decent profits were made. But the market has caught up...

Backing Horses With Poor Previous Form -
David Renham Jan 2006
   One of the keys to successful betting is gaining an “edge?over other punters...

Monitoring of Betting Exchange Profits Compared with Starting Price -
Neil Dawkins Feb 2006
   The advent of betting exchanges at turn of the century has seen a complete change to betting patterns and potential for profit.

All Weather Statistics
David Renham Nov 2003
   All weather statistics to mull over

´«Ææsf¶à¿ªDrawn2Win Draw Bias Research

Beverley 5f - the most sprint biased trip in the country -
David Renham Nov 2005
   Many racecourses are “biased?in some way or other. Knowing which courses suit which type of horse is obviously a big help...

Windsor Draw Bias
David Renham June 2004
   Draw trends and statistics for Windsor

Chester Draw Bias
David Renham April 2004
   Draw trend analysis for Chester

Kempton Draw Bias
David Renham May 2004
   Draw trends and statistics for Kempton

York Draw Bias
David Renham Feb 2004
   Draw bias research for York

Draw Bias over Long Distances
David Renham May 2004
   What makes Good Ratings?

The Changing Face of Draw Bias
David Renham Jan 2004
   Why is it a good source of highlighting winners no longer works within a few years?

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